Conversion of Backup and Sync to Google Drive

Google Back up and Sync is hitting the end of life on October 1. Here are some screenshots of the step-by-step guide to the conversion from Backup and Sync to Google Drive.

1) Launch the Google Drive application. Can be found within the Application folder or Spotlight Search.

2) Once launched, sign in via your browser, after you enter in your username and password you will see a message like the one displayed below.

3) After you click sign in you will Drive will let know that it is replacing Backup and Sync. Then you can click Sign in... yet again.

4) It will identify that there is an account already tied to Backup and Sync, and will ask you to sign in again to move your account.

5) After you sign in, Google Drive will want to verify the files and folders you have selected. Defaults are Desktop, Documents, and Photos.

6) After you have verified the folders it will then prompt you if you would like to remove Backup Sync. Select "NOT NOW" we (The Tech Department) will globally remove the application from everyone's device post the end of life date.

7) There are 2 options for syncing your Google Drive. The Tech Department strongly recommends the use of "Streaming" and advises strongly against "Mirroring". If you mirror, you will download ALL the contents of Google Drive onto your computer.

You have now successfully converted from Backup and Sync to the NEW Google Drive.

Creation date: 9/14/2021 3:35 PM      Updated: 9/14/2021 3:51 PM
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